Now there’s something for your straight-on kicker: A squared-toe shoe that’s not a shoe. It’s an attachable kicking toe that simply straps on over a regular football cleat. A rubber pad on the inside of the Kicking Toe Squared adds comfort and gives a snug fit while the elastic straps and Velcro make it easy to put on and take off. But the best part is that it fits all your straight-on kickers. No longer do you have to pay outrageous prices for conventional style kicking shoes that only fit one player. Now for ½ the price you can buy one Kicking toe Squared that meets all your team’s needs.

Have you ever had your kicker on the field when you scored and he didn’t have his kicking shoe on? YES. Do you want to waste a timeout so he can come off the field and change shoes? NO. Now you jest send in the Kicking Toe Squared with another player or just toss it to him on the field. Your kicker quickly straps it on, secures the Velcro straps and he’s ready to go.

Have you ever had your kicker miss the first play on Defense because he had to come off the field after the kick off and change shoes? YES. Can you afford to have your best defensive player miss the first play? NO. With the Kicking Toe Squared, now your star player does not have to miss that important first play. Simply release the Velcro straps and toss it to the sidelines.

Have you ever had 3rd down and long and your kicker, who also punts, didn’t know if he was going to have to punt on a 4th down or go in for a field goal? Now he doesn’t have to worry about which shoe to have on. Simply have him leave on his regular cleat for punting and keep the Kicking Toe Squared in hand. Depending on the outcome of 3rd down, he either tosses the Kicking Toe Squared to sideline as he runs out to punt or he utilizes the KTS for a field goal.

This device is made of real leather. A thin rubberized sole with traction gives your kicker a better footing in bad weather and will hold up for years for many a kicker. A series of three holes is located on the sole to fit over the front cleat of the kicker’s regular football shoe adding stability. It can also be used over a regular tennis shoe or turf shoe when your team is playing on artificial surface.

Kicking Toe Squared is available is three sizes; Small-youth (2-6), Medium – Jr. High (5-10), Large High School/Collegiate (sizes 9-16).